The Traffic Lights in Savanna

Once upon a time three different varieties of the olive baboon were living on the world. Red, yellow and green one. They were spending whole their life in this triplet standing on each other and directing a traffic in savanna. One day the Red and the Green decided to deport the Yellow in to the Black Register of Extinct Animals because they thought they didn’t need it anymore. But the savanna travellers began to ignore their direction. Later they even started to vandalize them with pictures of figures (standing and walking ones). So the Green decided to become extinct an made peace with the Yellow in the Black Register. Since that time the Red remained alone.

2007, series of aquarelle, 42 x 30 cm

1.pavián, semafor 2.pavián, semafor

3.pavián, semafor 4.pavián, semafor

5.pavián, semafor