Aditional Organs

Human usually adds some organs on his body in his common life, which he doesn´t have in the contrast with another animal.
For example he carries his stuff packed in some hump as a camel does. I needled only a little bit more similar version of this article.


You can carry a lot of things inside. For example this (in desert very useful things): sandwich, map, wallet, mobilephone, GPS, jacket and so on.

camel hamp, metro, train, velbloud


Funny pack:

Funny pack is lullage only for men, because it is only the aditional organ and women already have got it. It holds a little snack
such as 2 dcl of milk and biscuit.

vzájemný pohled kolegůdvě vystavená vemena


Couple of examples of another aditional organs:


Sweatshirt with a sac (sometime it is called pocket) to carry stuff with you. The location of this pocket is anatomicaly all right.

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