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I am interested in art because it has potential to make things get rid of their finality (if possible) in a human point of view. Adults are usually too experienced and they automatically expect everything to be the same as usually. Although an inexperienced person or the one with a different experience could analyse the same thing in a totally different way. I would like to unsettle people in their judgements at least for a little while. Or even to provoke them to an alternative explanation of reality.
I observe the world around me and then I try to explain how I understand it. I do that in a visual way and I find using video and objects suitable for this purpose. I do not create anything new, I only make a small modification of common things. I look for a definition of each thing and the borders where that thing is still what it really is (although it already looks somehow different).



since 2016  Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Theatre Faculty, Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre,
       professor Karel Makonj
       Ph.D. programme
2012–2013  Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio of Intermedia Work I, professor Milan Knížák
       MgA. degree (2013) (M.A. equiv.)
2012–2013  Charles University, Faculty of Education, extensive curriculum
2011–2011  Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio of New Media II, associate professor Anna Daučíková
2010–2010  Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Sculpture, professor Villu Jaanisoo
2007–2009  Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio of Intermedia Work I, professor Milan Knížák
2004–2006  Masaryk University, Faculty of Education, Department of Art
2000­­­­–2004  High School of Art and Design in Brno, Graphic design


Selected Exhibitions and Performances:

The school of Milan Knížák
, Municipal Museum of Chrast, Chrast, Czech Republic
Vivat Karel IV.
, St. Luke´s Church, Svárov, Czech Republic
Situatin 64 ­­­­­− Klára Pernicová and Viktor Fuček
, Pavilon Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic …recording

Exhibition of the book Pavel Kohout: The Devil´s Dictionary of Economics and Finance, Embassy of the Czech Republic, London, United Kingdom …preview
(F)luxus box, AVU Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic …press
Exhibition of the book Pavel Kohout: The Devil´s Dictionary of Economics and Finance, Luxor Café, Prague, Czech Republic …preview

Crawling, k.art.on gallery, Karlin Studios, Prague, Czech Republic …press
P.R.D., ArtATAK Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic …link
Things, Municipal Library of Prague, Art Library Opatov, Prague, Czech Republic …link

International Meeting of Entomologists
, Stand No. 28, Conference Center City, Prague, Czech Republic
Addendum (On the Shortness of Life)
, RED Gallery London, London, United Kingdom …link
, Exhibition Hall Rafael Mihailov, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
, Czech Center Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria …link
Videokemp, gardens of Brevnov Monastery, Prague, Czech republic
Graduates from The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, National Gallery in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic …recording
Hinter den Bergen, Weltecho Gallery, Chemnitz, Germany
Tanz Tanec
, AVU Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

Synergia, AVU Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
, FAFA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland …link
Intermedial studio AVU of prof. Milan Knížák, Alstom group campus, Brno, Czech Republic
Water in Erhart Café − installation, Erhart Café, Prague, Czech Republic

Square, Mumbai, India
Square, Lalit Kala Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
Studio of Milan Knížák, UFFO Gallery, Trutnov, Czech Republic …press

Matěj Kašpar: Orbis pictus, performance (characters: Mind with a bulge, Dachshund-camel, Hater), AVU, Prague, Czech Republic
Like an Exhibition, Kaiku Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

FIGURAMA 09, Prague, Zlín, Poznań, České Budějovice, Brussels, Brno, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium …press
Ty jsi téma, Sam 83 Gallery, Česká Bříza, Czech Republic …recording
19 years after, Czech Embassy, Berlin, Germany

Koncentrát, “Crux” Gallery, Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic
Milan Knížák’s Intermedial Studio of the Academy, Vimperk Castle, Vimperk, Czech Republic
Gaučák / Sofa Picture − Pictures for Housing Interior, AVU, Prague, Czech Republic …recording